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By the Pool Tablescape

Issue 01

When I think of a summer pool party, I think of fruit, plastic cups, ice water with lemon and perhaps a chip or two.

Not this party.  We wanted to do something different and kicked it up a notch.  We thought it would be interesting to set a formal table in the backyard by the pool, complete with a white table cloth and silverware.  Why? No reason. Or perhaps the reason was simply, who sets a formal table for a pool party?  Why not, right?!

We picked the colour purple and integrated it wherever we could like in the dessert stands, flowers, candles, ice pops and even the plates.  We had a blast shooting our icy-dessert buffet by the pool.  It was a super hot day and we weren’t sure how we were going to keep all of our frozen desserts, frozen.  Nothing like multiple buckets of ice and multiple trips to the freezer to get the job done.

We wanted to share a few more shots that we couldn’t make room for in the magazine spread.

We pulled out our white tablecloth, and spread it over our backyard table.  We searched around the house for “props” and decided to bring out four different candle sticks and use different sizes of purple candles to go along with our purple theme.

We put out chocolate chips, chocolate covered ginger and milk chocolate balls as well as sprinkles for snacks as well as to top ice cream sundaes and to dip ice cream sandwiches.

We also mixed and matched glassware and glass jars for serving candy such as ju-jubes, mini macarons and the sundae toppings. Antique silver spoons were used as serving pieces to bring in an element of formality back in the table setting.

For those not interested in frozen desserts, we baked a chocolate chip banana bread and put out a big bowl of our favourite ginger heart cookies as snacks.

Since we were serving frozen desserts , we made sure to have containers of ice around to help keep things frozen.  No one likes melty ice cream sandwiches and ice pops.

We hope you enjoyed the behind the scenes of our By the Pool  shoot.  To see the magazine spread, click here.
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