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Nishiki Ichiba

Issue 01

Nishiki Ichiba market in Kyoto is the place to be if you are hunting for a market to meet your culinary needs.  This 1500 meter long covered market has everything from fish to flowers.  It originally got its start as a fish market, but has expanded into a little bit of everything such a fried tofu doughnuts, spicy ice cream, sea cucumbers, sweet rice cakes, pumpkin and cabbage pickles and Aritsugu knives.

City: Kyoto Market: Nishiki Ichiba

The draw: Known as the kitchen of Kyoto, this narrow shopping street is approximately 390 meters long housed in a 400 year old covered food market which has more than 100 shops and restaurants.  It specializes in seafood, produce, knives, cookware and seasonal Kyoto items like Japanese sweets, pickles dried seafood and sushi.

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For a map of all the stalls and how to get to Nishiki market- click here. To read the rest of Countlan’s Unlist-List of Global Farmers Markets- click here.

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