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The Ace Hotel + Opening Ceremony

There is certainly no shortage of cool shops or entertaining eye candy in New York.  For the home entertainer looking for something unique, our first issue of Countlan magazine examined the revamped hotel gift shop as a source for interesting tabletop and entertaining items.  While some hotels approach the redesign of their shops as an in-house project, others opt for the partnership route, as did the Ace Hotel in New York.

The Ace Hotel, with headquarters in Portland (OR) and New York (NY), joined forces with not one, but two terrific and internationally focused boutiques to create a unique collection of travel necessities for guests, tourists and locals.

Photo Source: Ace Hotel

The Ace Hotel’s partnerships with Opening Ceremony and Project No. 8  covers all bases and leave guests wanting for nothing!

By travel necessities, we really mean an extensive selection of clothing, home accessories, jewelry, magazines, toothbrushes, pens, books, luggage, and shoes (to name a few). The nice thing about both partnerships is the ability to find a host of locally made goods among foreign design brands.

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