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What’s In Store: Merci Paris

If you are passionate about entertaining, and enjoy visiting a good concept store, it is likely you have heard of or visited Merci- the three story home accessory design mecca of all things wonderful. Merci, is one of Paris’ best concept stores for entertaining inspiration because instead of merchandising products on shelves, this store brings everything to the table- where the items should be showcased.

Located in the 3rd arrondissement, the multi-level loft-like store has not one, but numerous tables fully set all over the space, so you see how items are arranged and placed in context.

You could spend hours in a store like this walking  from table setting to table setting making mental notes on how to implement some of what you see in your own home.  We sure did!

This is the place for home accessories, iconic design pieces and a mix of vintage, modern and industrial furniture.

The table vignettes and arrangements are just amazing!  They don’t feel too cluttered however, they are chock full of interesting conversation pieces.

The icing on the cake: The store donates its profits to charity, which is a wonderful social component to its business.  Find table inspiration + do good at the same time! Win-win.

Have you ever visited Merci?

Are there any other stores around the world that get your entertaining juices going?

Do share!

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