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Modern Mooncake Mania

How was your weekend?  I’m working on learning how to make savoury tarts.  I decided to make a list of three or four things I always wanted to learn how to make and tackle them one by one.  I guess you could say it is part of my 2013 goals.  Item #1- Savoury Tarts.  Believe it or not, I have never made a quiche or tart in my life.  Up until last week, I was an apple pie only type of girl.  This year, savoury tarts are entering the entertaining repertoire   I made two tarts this weekend and the crust needs work.  I think I rolled the crust too think on tart number one and too thick on crust number two.  Everything tasted good but the mushroom, potato, green onion tarts did not look pretty.

Onto more exciting things- I recently read about a bakery called Les Croquants, a Buenos Aires based shop that  makes a host of different “iconic,” traditional pastries such as macarons, cupcakes, tarts, truffles, caneles, cookies and- mooncakes.  When I read through their menu, I thought- “No, it’s not Mid-Autumn festival, the Chinese holiday associated with eating mooncakes.  WAIT A SECOND! Mooncakes all year round at a cool looking bakery in Buenos Aires?  How out of the ordinary!”

mooncake 7

What I like about Noe and Gaby’s mooncakes is that they took these traditional little cakes in a completely different direction from red bean or lotus paste fillings.  These are cute enough to eat all year round and would make a great host/hostess gift or as an addition to a dessert party.

I am smitten with these flavours.

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Photo Source: Les Croquants  

Mooncake Flavours- 01 Cookie  02 Chocolate Almond 03 Lemon Pistachio 04 Citrus  05 Raspberry Coconut  06 Sweet Milk and Nut

It’s never too early to talk about mooncakes when they look this delicious. I wish you shipped internationally!

Check out the Les Croquants blog for more about their products, flavours and events.

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