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A Thermos Inspired Vase

Do you remember when we wrote about the cool Rotterdam design store, &designshop, in issue 1?  &designshop has such a good eye for picking interesting pieces for the home.  Here is a recent favourite of ours.

Q: What do you get when science, design, imagination and ingenuity intersect?

A: Dewar glassware.

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The Dewar glassware series made up of the Flask Vase, the Flask Light and the Dewar Light was designed by Rotterdam based David Derksen, a graduate from the Design Academy in Eindhoven.

Inspiration for the Dewar glassware series stems from the work of Scottish chemist and physicist, James Dewar.  Dewar is known for his invention of the double walled, vacuum jacketed vessel, which was originally created for the storage of liquid gases.  Today, we know his “Dewar flask” as a Thermos or vacuum flask.

David creatively interpreted the double walled vessel and turned it into two remarkable looking vase designs.  I am particularly fond of his Flask Vase which has a colourful silicone rubber base.

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