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Buy, Sell + Trade

I am an avid book and magazine reader.  Despite the convenience of a Kindle, I prefer the real deal over pressing buttons to turn pages. However, the plight of being an avid reader is that my collection of “real” books tends to pile up.   To solve this problem I turn to the “Buy, Sell, Trade” model.

One of my favourite book stores in Toronto is premised on the model of buying, selling and trading books (it’s called BMV).  This way, I can keep my treasured books on the shelf at home and trade in or sell those that I will not read again. It’s super fun to visit BMV because I get to bring them a big box of gently-used books, which will get a new home, and I get to replenish my stash at a fraction of the cost.  (This of course, is second to using a public library system.)

When I found out about a small kitchen store in San Francisco’s Mission district that does the same thing, but with homeware, I flipped out!  For someone who likes variety, new tableware toys and decor but does not always want to shell out the dough for brand spanking new, Pot + Pantry might just be your idea of heaven!

Pot + Pantry, which opened in 2010 by Donna Suh Wageman, buys, sells and trades new and gently used kitchen items.  They carry a wide range of objects from linens, and bakeware to cooking tools, magazines and art.

See some of my favourites below-

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01 3-tier Acacia Cake Stand 02 Cow Butchery Chart 03 Enamel Slim Pot 04 Brass Bottle Opener
05 Japanese Ceramic Salt Cellar 06 Teak Cheese Set

Sadly, if you are located outside of the US, like myself, you cannot order from their online shop (mental note, be nice to family and friends living in the States). I love finding cool little spots like this- Do share, if you have any tips on neat spots of your own.

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