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Shopping from Grandma’s Pantry: Lobelia

If you were to go shopping in your grandmother’s pantry, what would you find?

Glass, ceramic, tins, cups, cake stands?

Shopping in grandmother’s pantry seems to be the driving inspiration for Lobelia, a Bergen, Norway based homeware shop/e-shop that carries a beautiful collection of rustic, English-country-chic crockery and other entertaining items.

I think I found Lobelia by following another company on a Facebook fan page. Nice find!

– As a mini aside- If you travel or read travel related magazines or news, you may recall reading that Bergen was rated one of the top 10 most “underrated cities in the world”.  Bergen is located on the west coast of Norway.  I have never visited, but the (compact) city is supposed to be spectacular as it is surrounded by mountains and fjords.—

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I like how the store creates the feeling that you are walking into someone’s (“oversized”) pantry.  There are curious objects and pretty pieces stacked high and deep on the shelves!

Lobelia 6

The mix of vintage, English country, and handful of contemporary objects fit well together.  Lobelia’s store is an entertainer’s dream pantry!

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At least the store would be my dream pantry.  Could you imagine setting a table with all these cool accessories at your disposal?  Stripes today and polka dots tomorrow.

Lobelia 5
Photo Source: Lobelia

Any favourites on the table?
You can also check out the Lobelia blog here.


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