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Analogue Life and Dipping To Zero

The weather seems to have taken a dip towards zero over the weekend in Copenhagen.  Given that the city is surrounded by water, when the temperature drops, it really puts an extra chill in the air.

I know what you’re thinking- what is wrong with “temperatures towards zero” when many cities are sitting in the minuses in January?  The moral of the story- It’s cold!

When the weather brings colder temperatures, my mind turns to entertaining with warming foods.  I also prefer to plate and serve with sturdy, heavier vessels.  Don’t ask me why I make the ‘cold weather = heavier tableware’ connection.  I suppose there is something comforting about using a substantial piece.

Analogue Life is a beautiful Japanese housewares store in Nagoya that also ships its wares internationally (bonus!).  I could spend hours browsing all of the contemporary  handmade, kitchen and home goods available in Analogue Life’s online store.

analogue 8
Photo Source: Analogue Life- Sumikiri Tray by Yoshiyuki Kato

The owners of Analogue Life, Ian Orgias and Mitsue Iwakoshi, have assembled a notable line up of inexpensive “daily-life” items from a variety of small studios, young artists and master craftsman in Japan.

Some of my favourite items include:
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01 Soba Choko- Ame (Rain) by Azmaya  02 Chaki Tea Set by Sゝゝ  03 Egg Teapot by Hisao Iwashimizu 04 Cocel Rice Cooker by 4th Market (earthenware pot) 05 Kiri Wood Rice Bin by Azmaya

The other lovely thing about this site is that a mini bio of each artist is included so you can learn about his or her medium, style and pieces.

SOBA CHOKO: This is a soba noodle dipping cup and is used as a container to hold dipping sauce when eating cold soba noodles.  SOBA CHOKO date back to the Edo period (1600-1868) and were primarily produced from kilns in the Saga and Nagasaki prefectures.

CHAKI: The tea caddy, or small lidded container used in tea ceremony.  Chaki translates to “tea implement.”

KIRI WOOD: (Paulownia Wood/Princess Tree) A light, warp-resistant, moisture absorbing wood that is used for tool boxes and containing rice.  

For more on Analogue Life, you can also check out their blog here.

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