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Eight French Breakfast Tableware Ideas

In Countlan magazine issue 02, we were inspired by our summer travels to Provence, so we put together a photo shoot around hosting a French breakfast at home.

Food is half the equation.  The other half might involve incorporating some neat, French vintage items. A couple quick clicks through and we were on our way and ready to plan another breakfast!

Here are a couple items/ideas that would be lovely for a French breakfast inspired table at home.

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01 White Enamel Canisters From Rue Des Louves One idea could be to use these canisters to serve your forks, knives, spoons and napkins, or you could fill them with fresh cut flowers to display on the table.

02 Antique Zinc French Wine Rack from My Frenchy Cottage I have a wine rack like this at home and use it to bring bottles, or hold bottles on the table (milk, juice, water)

03 Blue and White Faience Vintage Tableware from La Manche You could mix and match modern dishes with these charming blue and white dishes to bring more country flare to the table.

04 Antique Bottle Shaped Beeswax Candle from Pollen Arts I thought these candles would be neat to have around the table as they are moulded from a vintage glass bottle with French writing on the side.

05 French Glass Jelly Jar from Family Linens Of course no breakfast is complete without some confiture (jam) and a container to serve it in.

06 French Wire Cooling Rack from Crol and Co If you are serving some sort of cake or pastry, you could use this wire cooling rack to display your assortment instead of using a platter or cake stand.

07 1950s Antique French Peugeot/Freres Coffee Grinder from OuiInFrance An antique grinder could be used simply as table decor or as a grinder if you are serving coffee and want to go the distance and hand grind your own beans!

08  Vintage French Bread Baskets from French Attic Finds I loved these baskets for baguette- an essential part of breakfast.

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