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Cruets and Olives

Did you know the bottle that you use to store and pour olive oil has a formal name? I thought it was called an olive oil pourer.  Apparently not.  It is called a cruet.

The word cruet is not only used for olive oil. It is also used for salt, pepper, oil and vinegar. I found a couple conflicting pieces of information concerning the origin of the word  - One source states cruet came from the Old French word crue “an earthen pot” whereas another source claims it is derived from the Dutch “kruicke”   - but the common thread is that a cruet is a small jug with a lip, spout or handle used to serve liquids.


cruet 9


(Earl Oil and Vinegar Set by Mode)

Interesting discovery, I know.  Who teaches this stuff, and how did I miss this class?  In my dining history, I can’t recall ever hearing someone say, “Pass the cruet.”  Did the word die? Did it fall out of fashion?  Did everyone miss the lesson on what to call the vessel you use to pour olive oil?

Either way, know you know.  There are some interesting designs on the market ranging from simple to ultra modern.  When I was traveling in Spain and frequenting olive oil shops, I picked out a simple on, similar to image 06 (below) and love using it to drizzle oil on veggies, pasta or meat.  It doesn’t pour or gush out like it does from a bottle.  After using it for a couple months, I understand why the cruet/design is so handy.  It provides a more controlled pour!


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01 Milk and Sugar Olive Oil Cruet via Home and Body 02 Stainless Streel Oil Taster/Server via Olive Oil Source 03 Ichendorf Milano- Double Walled Oil/Vinegar Pourer via Unica Home 04 Emile Henry Oil Cruet in Slate 05 MIU France Stainless Steel Oil Can, 16 ounces via Amazon 06 Chef’s Planet 8-0z Olive Oil Cruet via Rachel Ray

What do you call this item? I am curious to know!

Recipes with Olive Oil Poured from your Cruet:

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