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Hasami Hasami

Recently, the word “Hasami” is swirling around my Internet universe.  I’ve seen Hasami porcelain several times now across various sites, so I thought I would dig in and see what it is all about.

As you may or may not know, I really like pottery.  I like collecting it, I like using it when I set the table and I enjoy learning about different the characteristics, methods, designs and history associated with a particular genre.

Today, I thought I would share a couple tid-bits about this Japanese style of pottery that dates back approximately 400 years. Hasami is located in Nagasaki, Japan.  This town has a long history in ceramic production dating back to the Edo period.  The porcelain is famously known for its translucent, pure white nature.

Here are some interesting brands I found who are producing Hasami ceramics:


Counter Magazine16

{Season 1} 01 Big Block Mug 02 Pot 03 Dobin 04 Block Bowl

Interesting point- if you are into typography, last year, Hasami partnered with House Industries and created the Morning Collection-

Hasami + House Industries 2012 Morning Collection (launched October 2012)- House Industries is a font/product design company in Delaware.  The collaboration featured Hasami’s Season 1 tableware items with House Industries’s “H” of the photo-lettering Banjo alphabet.

Hasami 5

Hasami 6
Photo Sources: Hasami

Hasami Porcelain

Designed by Los Angeles based Taku Shinomoto, this modular, stackable Hasami porcelain has straight clean lines, and no decoration.   Taku and his wife Keiko are also behind the beautiful online store, Tortoise General Store which showcases works by Japanese designers.

Counter Magazine18 Counter Magazine17

Hasami P 6
Photo Sources: Hasami Porcelain, Tortoise General Store Blog



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