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Throw a Pie Party- British style

If you think about what inspires you when it comes to entertaining, it’s funny how certain things stick in your mind.

Inspiration from travel is an obvious one, so is inspiration from reading blogs, magazines or books. But a suggested Facebook Page Like, has that happened to you?  Is that what the world has come to?  Inspiration from a suggested Facebook page?  It happened to me and my perspective is: if it’s a good suggestion, fine by me.



What was I inspired by this week that I had to share with you on the Countlan blog? British Pie Week- (mark your calendars, it takes place from March 4-10th)!  That’s right, it’s a whole week devoted to pie making in the UK.  While the competition is for Pub chefs, it sounds like an excellent and fun idea for a gathering at home.  Just think about it, British Pie Week could be the new version of a cookie exchange but instead of happening in December around the holidays, it will be a pie making (exchange) party in March.  Who has anything fun to do in March expect make pies all week?  Are ideas spinning in your head yet?

I was inspired by the event  I’m not even in the UK.  I want to host a pie making party in March!!



If you are interested or curious about British pies (they are unique and a bit different to North American style pies), there is a page devoted to learning about making British pies (sweet and savoury).  Of course you could host a party making featuring whatever pie style is in your repertoire.



Back to pies: British Pie Week came to me via a suggested Facebook Page Like for Pieminister, an entrepreneurial endeavour launched by brother-in-laws back in 2002.  Their mission, to supply the market with a better pie.  They launched in Bristol (UK) and 11 years later, have significantly expanded.  Pieminister is really excited about pie week (since it’s their industry), and are even giving away 12 pie party kits to make sure your pie party is “super sMASHing great.”  Did you feel the enthusiasm there? I did.

This looks like a serious pie competition… Bunting is involved and those little blackbirds.

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This could even be as big as Global Macaron Day which takes place on March 20th this year (another date to mark on your calendar and a reason to host a party at home!). More on that special day in another post.

What is your favourite type of pie? Have you ever hosted a pie party?

Savory Pie Ideas in Celebration of British Pie Week:

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  1. geraldine says:

    How very interesting Sarah. Can you believe I live in the UK and never knew there was such an event! Well, now I shall look out for it and perhaps do some yummy pie tasting. Looking forward to seeing your pie on instagram :) xx

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