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RossLab Cute Ceramics + Other Lovable Things

It’s Friday!  TGIF.  I hope you had a wonderful week.

I found these adorable ceramic tableware items on Etsy (the mecca for discovery of interesting and unique home decor items and tabletop accessories) from RossLab and thought I would share them on the Countlan blog.   Rossella Manzini is the creative force and ceramist behind RossLab.  She is originally from Italy and via Ireland, landed in California where she launched her lovely ceramic business.

I can picture any of these items on a lunch or brunch table. A few of them, I would even use to mix and match in a more formal dinner party- too add some humour and lightness to the tablescape (see my comments below).

Here are a few of the items I love from Rossella’s line.

01 Ceramic nesting bowls in teal and coral (set of 2) {For breakfast, brunch, lunch or dessert- hearts are not just for Valentine’s Day nor are they just for kids.  I could picture using these heart bowls along with some bold coloured plates to add pattern into a place setting}

Ross Lab 3

02 Ceramic bowl in black with white hearts {Black tableware is not always so easy to come by- I think black and be both sophisticated and playful at the same time and I like what Rossella did here with the black bowl and white hearts- not too serious but still elegant}

Ross Lab 4

03 Creamer and sugar set with red flowers {Personally, I am not a “floral” print type person but when applied tastefully, like in the creamer and sugar set below, I could see how the little pop of colour could be a nice way to brighten up a tea party or coffee catch-up}

Ross Lab 5

04 White planter and saucer with message  {These little planters with messages would be a great addition to a table centerpiece (cluster a few or use one on its own) or as decor on a windowsill.  From living in Copenhagen, I’ve learned a lot about how people use windowsills as another part of the house to customize and decorate/make cosy!}

Ross Lab 6

05 Sugar bowl and spoon in red  {I like having something that screams “hand made” on the table- don’t take life too seriously, not everything has to look perfect and symmetrical all the time}

Ross Lab 7

06 Salt and pepper cellars in purple  {I don’t use salt and pepper cellars often enough- partly because I do not own any- but I like the idea of offering guests the ability to scoop out their seasoning instead of shaking.  The cellars are all over the tables in Copenhagen- you see nice flakes of sea salt and pepper}

Ross Lab 8

07 Nesting bowls in teal  {I just like the teal colour of the hearts}

Ross Lab 1


Photo Source: RossLab on Etsy

This weekend I am heading to the second farmer’s market of the season which takes place on Saturday morning.  I read that there is a local bison meat farmer’s stall, which might be interesting for a meal.  I also plan to do some baking as I have a house guest coming to visit next weekend.


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