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lily vanilli + sweet tooth

How do you discover new things?  From travel? Reading? Recommendations from friends?  I do that too.  However, I have noticed lately, my affinity for artistic Vimeo movies has risen.  Way Up!!

Here is my recent find-  Lily Vanilli.  It’s a bakery in London, and a quite famous one at that.  Thanks to some clicking and searching on Vimeo I found a short documentary called “The Sunday Bake” by George Belfied about the Lily Vanilli bakery.  Lily Vanilli, is the successful business belonging to self-taught, British baker, Lily Jones- she also has authored two cookbooks: Sweet Tooth and My Zombie Ate My Cupcake.

I like saying the name. Lily Vanilli- It just roles off your tongue-

WATCH THE MOVIE:  “The Sunday Bake” by George Belfied

As I said, I think it was the bakery name that initially caught my curiosity but after a bit of reading and watching, I was intrigued.  She makes cakes that look like hearts (not the sweet valentine kind, but the organ, with valves), cakes with texture, and height. They are avant garde, they are literal  they are sculptural, they are colourful.

The other cool thing about Lily Vanilli is that the bakery is only open once a week!  The rest of the week she catering, sculpting specialty cakes, supplying cupcakes and brownies to Harrods Food Hall and  and churning out other delicious items for clients who include the V&A museum, Lulu Guinness, Elton John, Vogue, Diesel, Uniqlo- you get the picture- this is pure rock star inspirational dessert.



I was so inspired by her work, that I  created a board on Pinterest, which you can view here.


Lily Vanilli (kind words and a review from Time Out – one of MANY!!)-

Open: Sunday 8:30am – 4pm at 6 The Courtyard, Ezra St. London E2 7RG

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