ceramic illustration sandy tia
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Hodgepodge of Illustrated Ceramics

If you are looking for a real conversation piece for your table- I find illustrated ceramics are a great story for the table.

Anything can be illustrated and applied to a ceramic item.  Just look- I found a hole hodgepodge of interesting, odd, unique, and artistic illustrators who applied their skill and craft to ceramics.  Below you will find everything from women bathing and the British seaside to a bob haircut, a spirograph, a wreath and spiders and skulls.

I can hear the conversation now:

Me: “Can I pour you some tea?”
Friend: “It seems that I have women bathing in my tea cup!”
Me: “Oh yes, that’s true. You do have women bathing in your tea cup now that I’ve added water to the cup.”
Friend: “Interesting……..”

01 Esther Horchner “Take a Bath”

ceramic illustration esther horchner

02 Esther Coombs “Seaside Cake Stand”

ceramic illustration Esthre Coombs

03 Katy LeighBob Girl Plate”

ceramic illustration katy leigh

04 Nina van der Goor “Spirograph Plate”

ceramic illustration ninainvorm

05 Rachel Basigner/ohNOrachio “Illustrated NomNom Plate”

ceramic illustration rachel basinger

06 Yasmin Sandytia “Clerkenwell Blue”

ceramic illustration sandy tia

To have a similar conversation at your table- find your closest illustrator friend and introduce them to your closest ceramist friend- or maybe if you are lucky- they are the same person, and browse through their cool creations.

Do you have any illustrated ceramic pieces at home?  Any interesting stories attached to the piece?

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