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Fleet Decor: Jurianne Matter

Sometimes it’s the small things on a table that can make a guest feel warm and fuzzy.

I thought Jurianne Matter’s fleet of 11 wishboats were adorable for extra table uumph.  These are self-folding (DIY) ships, so hopefully you can follow instructions and make yours look as nice as Jurianne’s.


Jurianne is a true artist when it comes to things related to paper and patterns.

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She has quite a number of interesting handmade paper pieces on her website and blog.

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Photo Source: Jurianne Matter, Paper design from Holland

I have never really thought of adding in paper accessories on a table, but after I saw her lovely styling, I thought twice about it.  My favourite application of the fleet is the last image- where the little paper boats are being used as candy dishes.  You know me and candy- or maybe you don’t- I grew up with candy on the table and I like to always have a little bit around the house stashed away in jars or tins.

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