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Pooch on Plates: Lisa Bengtsson

Depending on where you live in the world, Lisa Bengtsson may have escaped your design radar.  Let’s reverse that pronto!

She is one of Sweden’s young, accomplished “everything” graphic designers.   By everything, I mean Lisa designs wallpaper, plates, mugs, and fabric, not to mention her popular posters across a variety of mediums.  Her homepage looks like a quilt of colourful and black and white projects.

Her series called “Together” (Tillsamaans in Swedish), what I lovingly refer to as “Pooch on Plates”, was what first caught my attention on Instagram (of all places).  The funny thing, I am not even a dog person.  I like dogs, but I do not have one and I did not grow up with animals.  So for me to gravitate towards a tableware item that is all-dog, is something special.

Lisa’s dachshund plates remind me of a photo that my grandmother used to have of her golden lab, Bahoo, who was dressed up like a banker and photographed.  Each one of Lisa’s dogs have a name and a persona, as you can see below.

LB 5

LB 6

LB Betty

LB 2

LB 3

LB 4

I really like how she varies the amount of repetition and pattern depending on the pooch piece. Sometimes you get just the dog’s bust and other times you get an intricate application of dog + doodles.

In addition to her tableware collection featuring these adorable grown-up pooches, I also like Lisa’s earlier collection from 2008 – a series of black and white plates titled “Us Women Between/or Us Women Together” depending on how Google Translate works its magic.

LB 8

LB 7

LB 10

LB 9
Photo Source: Lisa Bengtsson

I could easily fall in love with some of Lisa’s non-tableware lines too, such as the beautiful fabric she created for Bemz.

Check out our Lisa Bengtsson Pinterest board for a closer look at her tableware and home designs.

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