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Go Global: 1D Flash Sale – Luxe City Guides

Countlan is a small, young magazine and  as the publication grows, I hope our inside scoops also grow.  Here is a story for you: The past few weeks, I’ve been quite busy creating the editorial content for Issue 04, which is due out in July. I happen to make a connection with one of my favourite travel guides who you will hear more from in the summer.  But get this: I get an inside scoop on a 50% one day sale along with a great interview.

Let me give you some background on why I am so excited: The first time I lived in Hong Kong back in 2003, I was introduced to Luxe City Guides by one of my colleagues.  She was acquainted with the guy who started the company and gushed about his cute new travel books. It was timely advice for me as I was in the process of planning a few side trips around Asia from my new base in HK.  My colleague pulled out a stack of Luxe City Guides for me to read and I was hooked.

If you’ve never set your hands (or eyes) on a Luxe City Guide, be prepared to be entertained.  As the title suggests, the recommendations are geared towards higher end recommendations (no shoe string budgets) but the tone of the guides are remarkable.  Each guide is hilariously funny and give travel tips with sass, and a lighthearted cheekiness that cuts through the clutter (for me) of the traditional, boring, monotonous guidebooks that you typically find on the market.

Countlan Luxe City Guide Promo

Why am I sharing this story with you? Well… I’m letting you in on a little secret.  This Saturday May 18th, 2013, for 24 hours, Luxe City guides is holding a flash sale on their website.  They are offering 50% off all products, including single guides, travel sets and box sets.  Score!  I don’t know about you but summer is the time I try to recharge my brain and discover new ideas, places and flavours for the upcoming fall and winter entertaining season.  So there is nothing like a little, stylish pocket companion to guide your exploration.

Countlan Luxe City Guides Promo Luxe City Photos

Photo Source: Luxe City Guides

Here is the website to visit this Saturday if you are intersted:

Here is your 50% discount checkout code: LUXESUMMER

I hope you enjoy this little tip and you find yourself off to the races or to some exotic destination where you will bask in the sun and replenish with loads of cool ideas.  I know I plan to stock up and add to my collection.

Where are you planning to travel this summer?

ps. Check out Luxe City Guides’ travel blog, Luxetasy- it’s always full of dreamy destinations.


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