Steamer Set 06
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Steaming Vegetables

A recent blog post on steaming vegetables by one of my favourite bloggers, Heidi Swanson from 101 Cookbooks, inspired me to look a bit more closely at steaming food and vegetable steamer designs.

I have a set of stacking bamboo steaming baskets that I use to steam veggies every now and again.  I picked it up in Toronto a couple years ago at Tap Phong Trading on Spadina Avenue and it cost me under $5.  Can’t complain.

I set to browsing the web to see if there were any cool, updated interpretations of the bamboo steaming baskets and I came across this steamer produced by Jia Inc in Shanghai and designed by Hong Kong based Office for Product Design (Nicol Boyd (Scotland) and Tomas Rosén(Stockholm)).  Their Steamer Set is made of cedar wood and terra cotta and is simply beautiful!

Jia Inc Steamer Set

Steamer Set 02

Steamer Set 03

Steamer Set 06
Photo Source: Jia Inc

Recipes that Steam Vegetables to Perfection:

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