Varia Tableware 04
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Modular Tableware Inspired by a Child’s Game

In Issue 03 of Countlan magazine, we told you about a modular, stackable flower vase called ‘Flower Tower’ by Sweden’s Ponpon Design and designed by Helene Tiedeman.  Keeping up with the modular tableware trend, here is another modular favourite of mine called Varia, designed by NABA Milano graduate, Gaia Bottari.

Varia brings together marble, wood, plastic and cork in a series of vessels for your table.  The design was inspired by a stacking game for kids, who constantly play, change, create and re-create.  The same principle applies here.  You can change your mind, experiment, mix and match pieces together as your serving needs change.

Varia Tableware

Varia Tableware 02

Varia Tableware 03

Varia Tableware 04
Photo Source: Gaia Bottari

In speaking with Gaia, she shares “First of all, I have to say that Varia is a project still in development. I started working on it during a product design course that I took in February.  The design brief for the course was to create something that could be easily customized by the user.  I created an example of open design where the experience of the product changes and the user becomes more informed as they participate. Varia allows the user to compose and take apart the product according to preference and choice. 

 For the moment, Varia is a tableware set composed of three objects: a vase, a fruit bowl and a candle holder.  The object are designed to be versatile and can actually be used from both sides. That is the first feature. In the photos you see the candle holder always in the same position, but It works even if you reverse it. The second point concerns the use of the materials.  I want people to decide not only the shape/profile of the product, but also  the composition of materials.”

Next up, Gaia is working on an e-commerce site where users can select and compose the set they want to buy.

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