Podium Candelabra 03
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Warm Glow Needed: Podium Candelabra

I hate when it rains outside.  

I want the grass to grow, flowers to bloom and trees to show off their green leaves but the lack of sun and grey cloud cover is just a mood killer some days.  The Danes have a delicious remedy for rainy days, in a country where rain is no stranger: they light candles. 

They light candles all day and all night, 365 days of the year.  Based on a penchant for candle lighting, one can only expect candle sticks and candelabras are a celebrated point of design. Since moving to Copenhagen, I know I have been paying more attention to candle holder design.  

Here is one of my new favourite finds: Podium.  Podium is a ‘modular’ candle holder designed by Jorge de la Cruz and Diana Vernaza Gonzenbach.  

Diana Vernaza Gonzenbach Podium Candelabra

Podium Candelabra 02

Podium Candelabra 03

Photo Source: Diana Vernaza Gonzenbach

The Podium candelabra is made of a series of wooden rods and copper links so you an join the pieces together. There are three options for materials: Ash wood + copper, black-dyed Ash wood + black and Carrara white marble+ black.


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