lily and sandy for the socialite family
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The Socialite Family

This is a cool find and something a bit different on Countlan- I came across this blog called The Socialite Family created by Constance Gennari whose aim was to look at interior design through the eyes of a family.  The families profiled are young, stylish, and modern; as the site says ‘a sample of smart and cool families’.

For me, the enjoyment of following something like, The Socialite Family is that it provides a window into not only interior decor as was the site’s intention, but aslo look at how people entertain at home with their families.  The most basic form of entertainment.  Start with the family- be it a breakfast, lunch or dinner.  I can imagine the challenge of keeping things “decorated” with a young family around meal time.  Nevertheless, Constance captures an array of interior styles, looks and designs.

Geographically, TSF covers family homes in Paris, New York, London and Los Angeles and since the site got its start in 2012, I expect to see more eye catching content as the year goes on.  Another interesting feature of TSF that I thought I would point out is that the interior images come with (shopping) markers that indicate where a certain piece comes from/where you can find it.  Very smart!

Here are a few more photos from Constance across a handful of the families/homes on The Socialite Family site, but of course it’s better to take a look yourself.

The Socialite Family 2

The Socialite Family 3

lily and sandy for the socialite family
Photo Source: The Socialite Family/Constance Gennari

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