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Did You Try Making: Mia Kristensen’s Beetroot Salad with Horseradish, Cranberry and Cottage Cheese

Issue 03

Mia is a young culinary force to contend with in Copenhagen.  I have had the privileged of taking a cooking class with her and learned a lot about cooking in the New Nordic style.  She shared two recipes with us for Issue 03- one which made it into the magazine and one which I am sharing with you below.

If you’re new to New Nordic, and tend to scoff at “weird” food combinations- I hear my father’s request before visiting Copenhagen “No weird food”.  Push past your food fears.  New Nordic cuisine is simple in terms of ingredients used, light (meaning the heaviness you would experience from eating a French, Czech or Indian meal is not there) yet complex in terms of flavour layers.

I find New Nordic dishes often combine  ingredients that one might think do not belong together in a dish. Yet magically, everything meshes and works well together.

Mia’s Beetroot salad with horseradish, cranberry and cottage cheese is a great starter dish to get initiated into the world of New Nordic.

Countlan CPH Good Food Mia
Photo Source: CPH Good Food

Beetroot salad with horseradish, cranberry and cottage cheese

Raw beetroot cut into julienne pieces really gives a crunchy texture to this salad. The beets in combination with pure vinegar and salt, creates the kind of “Nordic flavor” that is pure and refreshing. The creaminess from the cottage cheese along with the punch from the horseradish, makes this dish into a salad rather than a pickle. Enjoy it with game meat or a pan-fried piece of fish.

Recipe by Mia Irene Kristensen.
Serves 4, as a side dish

4 uncooked beetroots (400g), peeled
50g dried cranberries
½ tsp salt
1-2 tbsp cider vinegar or apple vinegar

200g cottage cheese (preferable 5-10% fat)
1-3 tsp horseradish, freshly grated
Salt and pepper

Plenty of fresh dill to garnish

1. Cut the beets into julienne using a sharp knife.
2. Toss with the cranberries, salt and vinegar. Set aside while you prepare the cottage cheese.
3. Mix the cottage cheese with the horseradish, salt, pepper and garnish the beetroots with the
cottage cheese and fresh dill.

INTERVIEW: COUNTLAN + Mia Irene Kristensen of CPH Good Food

01 Who are you?
I’m a passionate food geek with love for communicating about, through and with all the great things edible – being a food science student turned out to be really interesting, but also not at all fulfilling for my passion for artisan food and creative approach to food. Combining science, passion and creativity was and is my goal in starting my company CPH Good Food. I consult and develop food concepts; I started out 2 years ago after a couple of years with food blogging. Starting CPH Good Food it has brought me on a crazy journey of Nordic cooking classes in London, local soda-syrup development in my dorm-kitchen, consumer campaign-planning  and a the writing of a “waterproof” outdoor cookbook.

02  What can be found on your table when you entertain at home?
DIY and plenty of it! I love making everything from scratch – especially my homemade fluffy Bearnaise-butter and my lemon/thyme soda can really take the crowd to heaven! Sitting around a big table having plenty of different dishes to share along with amazing wine is really enough entertainment for me!

03 What is “New Nordic cuisine” about and why has it become so popular?
Long story short – New Nordic cuisine is about expressing the characteristics of the Nordic terroir, climate and history in a cuisine based on a sustainable food system. It all stated because of the Nordic Manifesto, but what does it actually mean to the general consumer and how do we interpret it in everyday life?

Eating local and developing old traditions into new inspiring products is just some of it. As for the Danes, they’re getting more and more into using nature to supply food, trying out forgotten herbs, fish and meat cuts, and finally discovering new cooking techniques like low-temperature roasting. So generally, the New Nordic cuisine is about bringing a trend down to earth!

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