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Resin Tableware on Either Side of the Pacific Ocean

I acquired my first piece of resin via an ex-boyfriend. I once read about a trio of design grads in Australia who launched a cool resin-only jewelry and home accessory company in the late 1980s called Dinosaur Designs. I fell in love with the colour, shape and size of their jewelry and my ex just so happened to be travelling to Sydney, so I asked him to pick me up a bangle.  Ever since that bangle came into my possession, I’ve been following the young, entrepreneurial company and have even visited a few of their stores around the world.

To me, resin is a special material.  It doesn’t have the same weight or delicate nature as porcelain.  Resin has a special translucent quality to it that lets light through.  It’s very smooth to the touch and colours are softened in a finished resin product.

To my knowledge (and I’m always learning…) I know of three resin homeware designers in the world: Dinosaur Designs, Tina Frey and Martha Sturdy- chime in anytime to help broaden my list.

Let me introduce them to you- I just have to point out my observation: Is it ironic or what that all three resin design companies are based on the Pacific Ocean?

01 Dinosaur Designs:  Sydney, Australia

Dinosaur Designs Resin Tableware

Dinosaur Designs

Dinosaur Designs1

Dinosaur Designs Resin Tableware
Photo Source: Dinosaur Designs

02 Tina Frey: San Francisco, California (she also has a nice blog where you can follow her travels, exhibitions and stockists)

Tina Frey  Resin Tableware Tina Frey 3 Tina Frey 1
Photo Source: Tina Frey

03 Martha Sturdy: Vancouver, British Columbia

Martha Sturdy Resin Tableware Martha Sturday 5 Martha Sturdy 1 Martha Sturdy 2 Martha Sturdy 3 Martha Sturdy 4
Photo Source: Sturdy Living

What do you think? Ready to mix in some resin in your table settings?  I am.

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