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Stumbling on the Greatest Entertaining Event

Some days when you’re out and about, the tableware and entertaining gods smile down on you. That was my experience earlier this month when I just so happened to be on a bus in the direction of a museum.  As the bus was turning the corner, I just so happened to gaze upon a courtyard of white tents poking up from a fence.

Whatever it was, it looked promising.  With an exhilarating rush, I disembarked from the bus forgetting all about my planed museum visit and walked towards the entrance booth to ask what was going on.  Low and behold, it was none other than Copenhagen’s interior, garden, flower and food festival in the Frederiksberg Castle Gardens. This could be the greatest random I’ve stumbled on in a long time.

To give you some context, if you haven’t visited Copenhagen and the gardens of Frederiksberg Castle, the sheer scope of the property is dumbfounding.  It’s massive.  To give you some context, picture the largest garden you can think of  filled with row after row of vintage homewares, plants, outdoor patio furniture, clothing, and food stalls.  In addition to all the beautiful wares, the surroundings themselves were breathtaking.

I spent nearly two hours browsing the wares, enjoying the sunshine and taking pictures for ideas and inspiration.

Countlan Outdoor Flower and Furniture Festival













In case you are curious, here is the list of exhibitors from the event (it’s in Danish).

Wherever your weekend plans take you,  I hope it is full of entertaining adventures.
It’s happenstances like these that make entertaining finds all the more fun.  Have you ever had a similar experience?  Share you story in the comment section below.

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