Copenhagen July 20132
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Normann Food

Yesterday I saw an interesting image on Instagram (where I seem to be spending more and more time), posted by the team at Normann Copenhagen.  The team was in the process of setting up their “living cookbook” exhibit in the front entrance hall of the Normann Copenhagen Flagship Store in Copenhagen.  The exhibition, titled Normann Food, is a series of Normann Copenhagen kitchen/tableware creatively set to the back drop of recipes, food and food photography.  I thought I would swing by today to check out what was going on and snap some photos while I was there.

Normann Copenhagen Food Summer 2013


In typical Normann Copenhagen style, the exhibits followed a strong colour theme.  As you walk through the front hall, there are large photographs of ingredients and recipes with corresponding tableware pieces selected by the brand.  Each installation also comes with its own take-away recipe card and there are 12 recipes in total to collect.


I thought the exhibit was creatively executed and a break from traditional merchandising.  What’s nice about this exhibit is the brand established a connection between food and the lovely objects they create.  Each installation provided context of how to functionally use the object, inspiration for trying out a new dish, while playfully displaying products as art.  Simple, but it works.




I snagged a few cards to try at home-  The layered apple dessert in the image below looked particularly appealing.



Some of the food from the photography was even available for taste testing, including these sweet cups!


Peter Elmegaard, Retail Director at the Flagship Store, was the brains behind the recipes, while Britt Bonnesen, the company´s Brand Manager, created the exhibition and styled the pictures.

Of course, I had to take a quick peak at what was going on in the rest of the flagship store…..

Normann Copenhagen Food Summer 2013

Copenhagen July 2013

Copenhagen July 20131

Copenhagen July 20132
Overall, it was an hour well spent.


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