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Behind the Scenes: Notre Dame Store

Issue 04

Copenhagen is a city where small retail boutiques rule.  It is a city where independents designers of all disciplines (fashion, jewelry, tableware and accessories) have a chance to thrive against multinational retailers with whom they share the streetscape.

Countlan Issue 04 Notre Dame In Store Shoot Copenhagen

When Pia Kiel’s father started Notre Dame in 1979, the home accessory retail store was meant to be a testing ground for a wholesale business.  “My father wanted to test all his ideas in Notre Dame before buying full containers of goods to gage peoples’ interest for the items he found on his buying trips around the world” reveals Pia.  “It was the first shop of its kind in Copenhagen.”  Today, walking into Notre Dame is not unlike stepping into Habitat in London, or Goods of Desire (G.O.D) in Hong Kong.

Today, we take you on a behind the scenes look at our photo shoot at the Notre Dame store in Copenhagen for Issue 04 of Countlan Magazine and show you some of our favourite in-store items….

Rosti Mepal Bowls

Countlan Issue 04 Notre Dame Store Shoot

Wood and Slate Coasters


Candle Lanterns


Kitchen Utensils


Beakers, cylinders and glass vases in all shapes and sizes



Melamine Pitchers and Jugs


Polish Pottery (See Countlan Issue 03 - Article on Polish Pottery)




Carla and Emma Tableware by Bloomingville



Operating on a self-service model, customers enter the store and are greeted by 13 foot ceilings and beautiful old windows.  Aisles are brimming with stacks of bright melamine cups, delicate porcelain bowls, wooden cutting boards, vintage metal candle holders and colourful glass flower vases.

The store’s displays change weekly, which draws local customers (and tourists) to return to Notre Dame for inspiration and to learn about new ways of using goods in their own homes.


Pia’s Three Favourite Items for Summer:

01 Notre Dame’s in-house designed flower pegs
02 Spanish shopping baskets
03 Colorful flower buckets

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