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Entertaining in Bahia

Issue 04

A quiet bohemian refuge in Trancoso, Bahia, located in the north east state of Brazil, is where we turn for table setting inspiration this summer.  A few years ago, Karin and her husband transported their Sao Paulo lifestyles to the more secluded Trancoso where they established Casas Da Vila; seven vacation cabanas outfitted in a boho-chic style.  Karin entertains frequently at Casas Da Vila with her background as an event planner and florist- she once organized a dinner for Al Gore. Her tables are a colourful inspiration for entertaining this summer and ideal for ideas on how to inject a bit of Trancoso into your next event.

Countlan Magazine Issue 04 Casas da Vila Entertaining in Bahia

01 On the menu:
Bahia is on the coast of Brazil so seafood or fish is a typical main course. Moquecais a well-known local seafood stew that is slow cooked with coconut milk, lime juice, peppers, chili and palm oil.

02 On a table:
At night, we use lots of candles to add a romantic, attractive ambiance. Flowers bring nature to the table.  We also incorporate pottery plates from a local group and nice colourful glasses to enrich the setting.

03 Finish the meal with:
A Brazilian coffee and a cupcake.

{GEOGRAPHIC REFERENCE:  Trancoso- The former fishing village that was settled by Portuguese in the late 16th century was revived by Sao Paulo bohemians in the 1970s and has now become a trendy vacation getaway for those looking for low key days and a scene at night.   The local architecture reveals colourful cabanas surrounded by a tropical forest with coconut trees and palms. }

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Karin’s Entertaining Motto (Countlan Issue 04):

Include a mixture of colours, textures, and materials without fear.  If you are hosting something more formal, follow the rules of etiquette such as using the classical way of setting the table (See Countlan Issue 01: Table Etiquette).  However, you can be innovative by serving salad in a martini glass, candies in a flower vase or gazpacho in coffee cup

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Table Ideas:
-Table settings should be full of details.  If you are having 10 guests, set 10 individual table settings and decorate each with its own small flower vase, salt pot and bowls for sauces.

- Add diversity to the tablescape by incorporating objects of different heights.  Height adds space for more things on your table.  However, avoid tall flower arrangements on the table.  Your guests should be able to see each other.

- For place cards, allow guests to write their own names on wooden sticks or stones.


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Photo Source: Casas da vila

Twitter: @casasdavila1

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