M&P #2_Shira Keret
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Made In: Tel Aviv Shira Keret Mortar and Pestel

Issue 04

Upon graduating from the prestigious Bezalel Art and Design Academy in Jerusalem, Shira Keret joined Four’n’Five design group, a collective of nine designers based in Jaffa port in Tel Aviv.  Shira’s Mortar and Pestle made of hand blown glass and wood stuck out as a striking conversation piece for the table.  “I wanted to design a very basic tool; one that has been in use for many centuries and that will stay with us for years to come” Shira comments.

M&P #2(1)_Shira Keret

INTERVIEW: Shira Keret, Designer, Four n Five Design Group (Made In: Countlan Issue 04)

01 Who are you?
My name is Shira Keret, I graduated from Bezalel Art and Design Academy in Jerusalem three years ago.  Since graduation, I have been a member of Four’n’Five design group , a collective of 9 designers who collaborate, share studio space and machinery.  During the research phase of the product design, I discovered people all over the world use mortar and pestles

02 Where are you based?
My studio is located in Jaffa port, Tel Aviv.

03 How long have you been designing tableware items?
I actually designed my first vase during my first year at the Design Academy. Many of the objects I design are some how related to the table. The living area is a very interesting territory for me, as a designer.

04 How did you approach choosing materials for the mortar and pestle?
When choosing materials for this design I looked for materials that can last a lifetime and more, it was also important that they will complement each other.

05 Why did you design a mortar and pestle?
I wanted to design a very basic tool, one that has been in use for many centuries and that will stay with us for many more, also it allowed me to be very free and intuitive during the design process, since it can be made from very basic shapes. During the research I found our that people all around the world are using this tool.

06 Do you entertain at home?
I love having friends over for dinner and I love cooking for them as well. It’s always very casual and fun. I guess that no matter what is the main dish you’ll always find a salad and a good bread on the table.

07 Can you describe a bit about the process in making the mortar and pestle?
The mortar is first curved to its final shape in a CNC machine, then being sanding, then I apply oil on it and sign it with a burn stamp. the pestle is hand blown by a glass artist.

08 Where is it available?
At the moment only via my Etsy shop.

09 What inspired this design?
My inspiration was driven from sculpture and architecture as well as cultural gestures.

M&P #2_Shira Keret
Photo Source: fournfive.co.il // ETSY SHOP

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