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Summer Flowers 04: Argevil

Issue 04

I hope you had a lovely weekend. The weather has already taken a turn towards fall.  With new weather patterns, I loved looking at the floral arrangement from Argevil that was featured in Countlan Issue 04′s Summer Flower Comparison> The summer arrangement’s soft yellows and peaches put together by Loic Hamon of Argevil flowers in Compiegne, France are stunning, cheerful and warm.

Countlan Issue 04 argevil florist by Joelix

Argevil // Loïc Hamon // Compiègne, France //

The Flowers: Sweet pea, alchemilla, blackcurrant leaves, blackberries

The Inspiration:  Sweet peas are my very favorite summer flowers. My grandparents in Brittany had them in their garden when I was young. Their elegant shape reminds me of butterflies. I added blackcurrant leaves and blackberries for the delicacy of summer and the alchemilla for some extra freshness.

Open For Business: 2005



Photography By Judith de Graaff

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