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Designer Food: Jose Gourmet

Issue 04

“Take Away Portugal” isn’t just a creative tagline for Lisbon-based food brand, José Gourmet. It represents a personal connection to the owner, Adriano Ribeiro, a professional pilot who often misses Portugal flying foreign skies. Ribeiro created José so he could make the foods of his homeland available to him and others while travelling.

José Gourmet’s range of traditional and modern Portuguese specialties such as canned fish (spiced small sardines, octopus in olive oil and garlic), olive oil, vinegar, honey, jam and brandy are a hit with those interested in authenticity and supporting small producers. Porto artist Luis Mendonça was brought on to design the stylish, playful packaging, helping to imaginatively highlight the country’s gastronomic offerings.

 Jose Gourmet Food Products Lisbon Portugal

INTERVIEW: Adriano Ribeiro, owner of Jose Gourmet, Lisbon, Portugal

01 What is Jose Gourmet known for?
We want to be known by our quality. We know that people are attracted to the visual (and packaging) and then become loyal to the soul and the pleasure of our food. That’s what we want to be…

02 How/why was design incorporated into your food products?
Luis Mendonça is a (design) partner. I believed some of our products could be sold and spread with the added value of design. We needed to call attention to Jose Gourmet in a crowded world.

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03 If you did not grow up eating canned fish, how is it best served or eaten?
Normally we only eat it cold. Pick up a can of small sardines and try one cold, try one warm and the rest try fried in tempura. Then you will find a complete new world. Send us your findings…

04 What is traditional about the Jose Gourmet products?
We believe we have to go back to our roots but also there is room for creation. Some of our products are just the way they have been throughout our life and some we develop ourselves. For instance we have an olive oil from trees that are centuries old- then we add ingredients like rosemary and red pepper.

05 Do you entertain at home? 
Definitely! I always have many things such as cheese, wine, bread, fish and of course our products.

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 Photo Source: Jose Gourmet

06 Where can people purchase Jose Gourmet products?
We are selling in 20+ countries. It is spreading very fast.

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