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Muvme Modern Scandinavia Dinnerware

Crafted out of stoneware, glass and oak, Muvme’s new Koefoed dinnerware series evolved from a school project for a restaurant in Copenhagen that shares the dinnerware’s name: Koefoed. Designed in conjunction with the Royal Danish Art Academy School of Design in Bornholm. a Danish island in the Baltic sea, the dinnerware series was meant to evoke a clear Nordic identity and reflect the landscape of the island, which is known as the Pearl of the Baltic.

Muvme Danish Design

[muvme] Salat skål - Tallerkner

Designers Mette Birk, Ulla Hein, Vibeke Trolle, Mette Christoffersen, Erling Rolandsen and Johanne Frederiksen interpreted the island’s powerful rocky landscape into plates, cups, and saucers that are reminiscent of a colour palette dominated by rocks, sand, sea and sky (charcoal gray, blue gray, sand and light blue).  In total Muvme produced 16 pieces with more on the way.

The set includes: Three sizes of dinner plates made of ceramic, three sizes of bowls made in ceramic and glass, ceramic coffee cups and mugs, three sizes of oak trays (saucers for the cups), two sizes of glass plates, two sizes of small glass plates for dips, a decanter and drinking glasses, and wooden salt and pepper shakers with glass lids. 

The plates were made at Bornholms Museum – an old ceramic factory (Hjorths Fabrik), which is now a working museum on the island. Currently Koefoed Restaurant is using some of Muvme’s plates, but the line is not expected in stores until January 2014.

[muvme] Tallerken-Underkop-Kop

[muvme] 2 kopper horrisontalt
Photo Source: Muvme

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