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Design Letters & Friends…

Like most good business ideas, Design Letters was born out of identifying a gap in the market- in the case of former interior journalist, Mette Thomsen, it was creating a product to fill her need for stylish kids room decor.  Since she launched Design Letters in 2009, the Copenhagen based company has achieved international success with its Design Letters Originals (the wooden letters she originally made as kids room decor) and later with a collection of  tableware featuring the vintage typography drawn by the world renowned Danish architect, Arne Jacobsen.

Today, Mette and her team launch two collections a year, a spring and fall collection. Recently, they welcomed the addition of Design Letters & Friends, a series of furniture and home accessories which includes a side table, a trivet, mirrors, and a sofa that will join the broader Design Letters universe.

Design Letters & Friends Copenhagen

plates edited

INTERVIEW: Mette Jacobsen, Owner, Design Letters (Copenhagen)

01 Why did you chose to work with Arne Jacobsen’s typography for Design Letters?
I am a great fan of vintage design and love everything to do with a story. Arne Jacobsen’s vintage letters are quite unique. They were hand drawn in 1937 and are almost archetypal, yet simple in their shape. Nobody knew about these letters before I found them, along with the help of an expert.  The Arne Jacobsen letters were hand drawn and sitting at the Royal Library in Copenhagen. I contacted Arne Jacobsens relatives in order to get their permission to use the alphabet on a series of design products.

02 Do you have a favourite piece from the collection?
I love the cups. They are so stylish and decorative and you can use them in a 100 ways – as candle holders, for storage etc. I also like the plates a lot. They can make your walls look like a million!

Design Letter CPH

Design Letter CPH1


03 How does the Design Letters line represent or reveal an element of Danish culture?
Design Letters is not a tableware line. It is meant to be a stylish, inspiring and playful collection of design products which gives people a creative kick. Denmark is a nation of design freaks. The design awareness is extremely high in this country -  people love to create personal and stylish homes. Its a national sport! In this way Design Letters is a mirror of the Danish culture.

04 What is new in your line for Fall 2013?
Design Letters just launched a sub collection called “Design Letters & Friends”.  It is a series of design products without letters –  it was designed to compliment Design Letters’ established graphic collection. Furthermore we have (of course) brand new products featuring Arne Jacobsen’s vintage ABC – such as a Teapot, black tea towels and bed linen for adults.

Design Letter CPH2

Photo Source: Design Letters

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