Michal Fargo
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The Nutcracker: Inspired by a low-tech solution and a pecan

For Tel Aviv based designer, Michal Fargo, the design of her nutcracker was influenced by her surroundings “I’m not sure if it’s a global thing, but here in Israel, usually  in order to crack pecans you simply squeeze two pecans against each other in your hand. It’s such a low tech solution, but it works” says Michal.  Its shape was inspired by a pecan but its aesthetic is minimalist and elegant.  “It’s the type of object that could lie comfortably in a bowl of pecans instead of being stashed in a drawer”.

Fargo launched her design studio in 2011, right after graduating from the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem.  She has already racked up several awards for her work  including her graduation project called “Else”, an exploration of different ceramic surfaces using sponge models and free form objects (no molds).   Her nutcracker which was shortlisted in designboom’s Intelligent Hand competition.


Michal Fargo Else

Michal Fargo Else

Michal Fargo Else


Michal Fargo nut cracker

INTERVIEW: Michal Fargo, Designer, Tel Aviv

01 Why did you design a nutcracker? Is there a cultural significance?

The nutcracker was created during my studies at Bezalel, the title of the assignment was “nutcracker” (no cultural significance).  My idea was simple, I wanted to create an elegant shape similar to an actual pecan, and in the pecan I have carved an interface for a hand and fingers. I wanted to keep it clean and smooth.

02 Do you entertain at home? 

I really don’t entertain. There is a saying in Hebrew- “the shoe maker walks barefoot”

03 How did you decided to become an industrial designer? 

Deciding to go and study in the ceramics department at Bezalel was sort of a mindless decision, I always loved making, and I just went for it.

04 What is next for you?

At the moment I am working on a very cool project that I can’t talk about right now, but if check my website it will be updated by the end of January. I am also working on some cool new objects like my tom tom collection, that will be followed by another small collection of vases.


Michal Fargo

Michal Fargo1

I am a very busy bee and I update my facebook artist page almost daily, so you are invited to catch up that way.

05 Do you ship internationally?

I do ship internationally, you can contact me at design.fargo@gmail.com

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