Mette Duedahl jug_detail
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Stoneware Press Coffee Jug by Mette Duedahl

Keeping with the Danish tradition of crafting item from stoneware, ceramic artist and recent graduate (2011) of the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design, Mette Duedahl designed a minimalist stoneware coffee press jug and a collection of mugs to ruffle the status quo when it comes to coffee time.

Her challenge was to design a “better coffee press” but out of stoneware. “It surprised me that I could not find a coffee press that I wanted to put on my own table. I wondered why most of the coffee presses were made of glass and not very pretty” says Duedahl. “I thought it was a good challenge to make a nice and functional coffee press out of clay.”

The mugs are currently sold at design shop, Stilleben, in Copenhagen, while the coffee press jug will be available in stores in 2014 in cooperation with a Danish design company. Check back on Mette’s Instagram feed or Facebook page for updates.

Mette Duedahl jug_detail

INTERVIEW: Mette Duedahl, Ceramic Artist, Copenhagen

01 What is the process involved in creating the coffee press jug and mugs?
The jug and mugs are made of stoneware.  Stoneware is a very stable material and therefore suitable for precision work required to make the coffee jug.  The jug is casted in two parts: the body and the handle. Then the two parts are molded together.  The mugs are also casted.

Mette Duedahl mugs

Mette Duedahl mugs_

Mette Duedahl Mugs_in_process

02 Who do you look up to when it comes to ceramic design?
Eva Stæhr Nielsen (1911-1976- was a ceramic artist with Saxbo Stoneware), Grethe Meyer (1918-2008- was an architect and a designer), Ursula Munch Petersen (1937- fourth generation potter), among many…

Mette Duedahl Jug
Photo Source: Mette Duedahl


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