Fache Floral Designs Britney Lee Fache Thanksgiving Arrangement
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Fache Floral Designs: Thanksgiving Arrangement- A Canadian Perspective

Yes, it’s true! Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving too, although it happens one month earlier (on the second Monday of October) than in the USA- read more here for other differences between the two Thanksgiving holidays. For a Canadian perspective, we head to Winnipeg, Manitoba where we speak with Britney Lee Fache from Fache Floral Designs on her Thanksgiving arrangement.

Fache Floral Designs Britney Lee Fache Thanksgiving Arrangement

01 Floral Aesthetic
My floral aesthetic is diverse and eclectic in nature. I can certainly do traditional, but I’m much more interested in pushing the envelope when it comes to combining textures and colours to achieve a one of a kind piece.

02 The Thanksgiving Arrangement
The ingredients in my Thanksgiving arrangement are kale, gourds, freesia, curly willow, lisianthus buds, and deep plum-coloured foliage from my garden.

Fache Floral Designs Britney Lee Fache Thanksgiving Arrangement
Photo Source: Britney Lee Fache

03 The Inspiration
The inspiration for this arrangement is based on my favourite theme: “TEXTURE”. I’m a huge fan of all things that provide unique textures, so when I saw the funky kale and gourds at my local farmers market, I knew I had to have them and create something with them.

04 The Holiday
I do entertain at home – however my husband does the cooking – I take care of the centerpieces and wine ;) When I go over to someone else’s home for the holidays, I often put into practice the idea that “less is more” – in the sense that I like to design something with impact, that doesn’t take up a lot of space – because we all know how much room the food takes up on the table!

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