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Exploring Beauty on the Table: #aftermathcountlan Instagram Contest Issue 06

To give you an update, Countlan Issue 06 is underway and will be published the second week of January, so mark your calendars.

As part of our entertaining section, we are trying something new.  We are inviting you to get involved and win the chance to see your photography published in our next issue. We will be exploring the concept of the aftermath and the beauty of tables-post guests-

Call it the de-styled table, the imperfect dish, the messy meal, or the chaotic tablescape  if you will. That means, photos of dirty plates, half filled glasses, crumpled up napkins and scattered crumbs -aka- the aftermath. Before the big clean up begins, pull out your phones, snap a shot of your table aftermath and post it to Instagram with the hash tag #aftermathcountlan.

Aftermath Pinterest
Photo Source: 1, 2, 3

As the opportunity to entertain family and friends swells with the change of seasons, we thought this would be a fun activity to capture the end result, chaos and beauty of a good meal.  Between today and Sunday December 8th, 2013 we will be looking out for your #aftermathcountlan photos on Instagram (if you would like to ping us, you can also include @lambersky or @adamrgoodman in your submission).

Aftermath Pinterest1
Photo Source: 4, 5

On December 9th, we will select a few of our favourite aftermath photo submissions and with your written permission, publish your photos alongside our aftermath article with a link back to your Instagram profile.

Aftermath Pinterest2
Photo Source: 6, 7

Since our readers are global, this contest is open to the world. We can’t wait to virtually meet more of you on Instagram in the coming weeks.

Happy entertaining and happy cleaning.

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