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Issue 05

When the MUMOK moved to its new home in Vienna’s Museums Quartier in 2001, the 850 square foot museum shop designed by architects, Ortner & Ortner, was relocated to the ground floor of the building and the store’s product selection was rethought. To reflect its new space, all the typical museum shop products were swapped out in favour of procuring more interesting objects from local Austrian artists, young European designers and special artist edition pieces created for MUMOK.

MUMOK Shop Photo Countlan Issue 05




Three Conversation Pieces for the Table:

MUMOK Kogler_OhneTitel_2012

01 Wool Blanket by Peter Kogler’s (Artist’s Edition):  Great for keeping guests warm while dining outside and it’s large enough for several people to share at once.

MUMOK NUDcollection

02 Pendant lights by NUD:  Although simple in design, they add ambiance and great light to a dining room.

MUMOK mumokbag

03 Recycled bags by Caritas for MUMOK.  These bags are made from recycling MUMOK’s exhibition banners.  They are designed and produced in cooperation with Vienna’s Caritas, an organization that runs the design project with long-term unemployed youth.

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