Michiyo Fukunaga Osaka Florist
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Flowers from Osaka

Osaka, Japan based florist, Michiyoko Fukunaga has been crafting Kimono-flower inspired bouquets and arrangements in the city for five years. Below, she shares a few insights on her design, style and when to gift flowers in Japan.

01 Flower Arrangement Aesthetic?
I like to go with the theme of the season, and add a touch of Japanese essence.

Michiyo Fukunaga Osaka Florist

02 What type of flowers can often be found in your designs?
As a florist I use all kinds of flowers but I love flowers with colours that are traditionally used in Kimono. I often use chrysanthemums, dahlias and peonies as well as  purple flowers (I love purple flowers).

03 What was the inspiration for this arrangement? This arrangements was used for an elderly couple’s wedding anniversary and I was inspired to create something based on the Japanese fall season.

Michiyo Fukunaga Osaka Florist

04 From a cultural standpoint, when are flowers typically given in Japan?
Flowers are given year-round, but it is most common to give flowers during birthdays and anniversaries.

Michiyo Fukunaga Osaka Florist

05 When you assemble an arrangement for your own table, which flowers do you tend to work with?
I prefer all white roses, or any white flowers that smells sweet. I like my house to smell sweet.

Michiyo Fukunaga Osaka Florist


Photo Source: Michiyo Fukunaga

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