Chichinabo Madrid Ceramics
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Chichinabo Inc

It is ironic that Madrid based design firm, Chichinabo Inc, picked such a name for their brand. “The word, chichinabo is an old fashioned word that our grandparents used to describe low-quality, tasteless, cheap products” shares Patricia Lazaro and Miguel Sanchez Lindo, co-founders of the company. Patricia and Miguel’s illustrated tableware series are far from its definition. “It is in these tasteless objects of little importance that we find inspiration for our work and give value to everyday objects that would normally be overlooked.”

Chichinabo Madrid Ceramics

Although the pair predominantly work with ceramics, they also have experience working with textiles and paper stemming from their backgrounds in fashion and graphic design. Illustrators at heart, Patricia and Miguel’s work is a play on Spanish popular culture with references in their designs to objects, people or scenarios that would otherwise be perceived as dull, tacky or ordinary. “We are both illustrators, so when we discovered this new format of illustrating on ceramic, we just fell in love with it. It is very surprising to see your own illustrations on a plate” Patricia remarks.

Chichinabo Madrid Ceramics

INTERVIEW: Patricia y Miguel, Co-Owners, Chichinabo Inc {Madrid}

 01 How often do you launch new items?
More or less one collection per year, but we also receive customized orders, so the truth is, we launch new items quite often.

02 What does your design process involve?
If we look at a customized order, it is the client who explains his or her personal story, in which we take the inspiration for the product. Overall, the first step is the digitization of our illustrations and then we have the ceramic decals produced. Once we have that done, we cut the decals off and we stick it on the ceramic pieces. To finish, we take them to the kiln, after which they are ready to be used.

Chichinabo Madrid Ceramics

Chichinabo Madrid Ceramics

03 What is next for Chichinabo?
Chichinabo is growing very fast, so our main need is to start working out of home. We should rent a workshop space and expand the horizons of our brand, adding new formats and channels of distribution.

Chichinabo Madrid Ceramics

Chichinabo Madrid Ceramics
Photo Source: Chichinabo Inc

04 Do you entertain at home?
We like to find ourselves around beautiful things. We collect old or vintage objects to decorate our house or display on our dining table. However, we don’t use our own products, as we like to enjoy the work of others, and besides, we need to get some rest from time to time.

05 Are there any special customs or traditions unique to entertaining in Madrid that you can share?
If you are coming to Madrid it is mandatory to have some churros with hot chocolate and a calamari sandwich even if the sea is more than 400 kilometers away. Also, it is customary to finish your day by drinking beer. Don’t be scared if you see people dropping toothpicks and napkins on the bar floor, this is how it works in Madrid.

06 What are you best known for?
If we had to name our best-known item, it would be the cunca de viño, traditional porcelain bowls from Galicia used to drink wine. Surprisingly, given the fact that these cunca de vino are an extremely local product, we sell them all over Spain, and even abroad.

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