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What started out as an idea to launch a concierge service for guys in long term relationships, later evolved into a rapid delivery online flower service.

BloomThat, based in San Francisco, partners with local florists and offers time strapped consumers a paired down selection of bouquets that can be delivered anywhere in San Francisco or Palo Alto in 90 minutes. “We launched in San Francisco because it is a fantastic city to launch crazy, new services. It’s a city full of early adopters.  Similarly, San Francisco has an incredibly rich flower history and some of the best flower farms in the United States are located within a few hundred miles of the bay area” says David Bladow, one of BloomThat‘s founders.

The website offers six fresh-out-of-the-garden arrangements that change every four to six weeks.  Instead of scrolling through pages and pages of options, BloomThat simplifies the process leaving those in a pinch with an efficient, fun solution.

BloomThat SF

INTERVIEW: David Bladow, Founder, BloomThat {San Francisco}

01 What is BloomThat known for?
Simple curated bouquets, delivered faster than you ever thought possible.

BloomThat SF

02 What is next for BloomThat?
We have our iPhone application launching this January, followed by 24 hours of madness we like to call Valentine’s Day. After that, new markets and new bouquets.

03 How did you get into the flower business?
Pure chance. BloomThat evolved out of a different idea we had been working on. Something along the lines of a relationship concierge service for guys in long term relationships. Through a series of twists and turns and ah-ha moments… we found ourselves in the flower business. We’re a team of people who feel really passionately about delivering incredible experiences. We get to do that everyday because of the industry we’re in. It’s amazing we get to do that everyday.

BloomThat SF

04 What type of arrangements or flowers are in high demand these days?
Farm style bouquets. Our current lineup features a lot of whimsical and fragrant varietals that make them quite unique. As an example: “The Jasper” features fresh sprigs of mint that brings in a really cool aromatic element to experience of receiving flowers.

BloomThat SF
Photo Source: BloomThat

05 What style/type of flowers do you gravitate towards at home?
I really enjoy simple flowers, complimented by a unique container. I had some light green Limbo roses in my apartment last week. I really liked those.

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