Anna Lindsten Illustrator Sweden
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Anna Lindsten

For Stockholm based illustrator and designer, Anna Lindsten, drawing and making collages was something that was part of her childhood. Fortunately, she was able to translate her pastime into a rewarding and meaningful career in design.  “I used to make little magazines as a child and since I can remember, pencils were my friends” says Anna.

After studying art history and working in the industry, she realized how much she missed drawing and decided to re-route her path by quitting her job with the Museum of Modern Art in Stockholm and heading back to school to study graphic design. Eight years on and Anna has grown her portfolio and brand as an illustrator from working on commissioned projects to focusing on realizing own ideas and products. She is due to launch her own webshop in February.

 Anna Lindsten Illustrator Sweden

Anna Lindsten Illustrator Sweden

INTERVIEW: Anna Lindsten, Designer, Illustrator {Stockholm}

01 How would you describe the aesthetic of your work?
It’s graphic, playful and colourful. And I hope it triggers the imagination.

02 Your illustrations have show up on all sorts of tableware but why are trays so popular?
I think they fill the function of being both decorative and functional, you put them in a visible place in your kitchen and it’s part of the interior style/decoration. Like a print on the wall, or a cushion in the sofa. And also it can be a not so expensive alternative for a design piece. You can buy the pattern on a tray. Trays can be used for all sorts of occasions; ’fika’ (coffee/tea and cookies), breakfast in bed, cocktail parties, birthday cakes…

03 What are you working on next?
I have commission works for Japan, but beside that I will continue to work on the tea towel design and the prints I’m doing in the Nattskog series.

04 Where do you look for inspiration when illustrating for a tableware item?
I look for inspiration in all sorts of places, like vintage books, music, film, art and of course the forest and the trees! With my trays for example, I thought of what I would want for myself, in my own home.

Anna Lindsten Illustrator Sweden

Anna Lindsten Illustrator Sweden

05 Do you entertain at home? 
Having children means having lots of kids birthday parties! We use my trays to present the cake, the buns and the cookies. They are decorative, and not too fragile for the little guests who are eager to get their hands on the buns. If we have dinners, we do like a good cheese or two for dessert and trays are perfect as a cheese plate!

06 Can there ever be too much colour or too many patterns on the table?
If you ask me, not really. I think pattern and colour are good for the imagination and mind, not just the eye. But, I admit, I am quite picky with the combinations; how and which colours and patterns to mix.

Anna Lindsten Illustrator Sweden


Photo Source: Anna Lindsten

07 Where are your illustrations/tableware items sold?
I have a small retailer in Japan, and a Japanese agent who works with me to sell my patterns to Japanese clients. In Sweden, my products can be found at Designtorget and I am opening my own webshop which launches in February.


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