Opus Flower Studio
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Opus- Cape Town Flowers

Issue 06 

It wasn’t until she walked into a small flower shop on a trip to the South of France, did self-taught florist, Marissa  Pretorius open Opus. Today her flower shop is situated in the young and upcoming neighbourhood of Woodstock, where creative businesses are increasingly choosing to be based. “I come from a photography and graphic design background” says Pretorius.  “Growing up, plants and flowers always had a strong presence in my life. My mother spent a lot of time in the garden and we always had fresh flowers in the house. I started off in a small studio and opened the shop in November 2012.”

Opus Flower Studio

INTERVIEW: Marissa Pretorius, Florist, Opus, {Cape Town, South Africa}

Years in Floristry? 3

Local Flowers:
The Western Cape is known for its fynbos. They grow freely up the west coast and mountains. We also have a wide variety of rose farms.

Arrangement Style: 
“My approach is free and loose. I always incorporate greenery and foliage around me at the time making the end result slightly less planned.”

Opus Flower Studio

Winter Arrangement:
I use what is in season and what is available from the garden. For winter I would put together a rustic arrangement with warm colours; wild olive leaves, orange and white garden roses and amaranthus.

Opus Flower Studio

Currently Working On: 
The work we do in our shop is more plant focused, we work mainly on our signature Kokedama, also known as hanging gardens.

What inspires you as a florist?
There are many great florists internationally that do very inspiring work. I get most inspired by visiting nurseries, conservatories, rose farms etc. It is the flowers and plants and the combination possibilities that inspires me.

Opus Flower Studio
Photo Source: Love Made Visible

What is next for you?
I am hoping to do more flower installations and large pieces whether it is a personal project or for a retail store and even fashion week.

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