The Wee Pie Company Scotland
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The Wee Pie Company

Issue 06

In Scotland’s larder, a fertile agriculture area in Perthshire, the culinary philosophy is based on local slow food, provenance and traceability.  Rose Martin, a veteran cook of 30 years, spent three years on a remote Scottish island with her husband managing an estate and working as a private chef. “We were the only inhabitants, so we converted one of the pig stables into a wee shop for our seasonal cottage guests and used the extra venison and vegetables that we grew and turned them into pies” says Rose.

The Wee Pie Company Scotland

When they moved back to Perth, the couple researched the viability of a pie business. Six month later, a range of 10 traditional pies for the Wee Pie Company was ready to go. Rose has been busy selling wild venison and wild game pies online and at farmers’ markets. “We were keen to get away from the ‘bad name’ that traditional scotch pies have. For that reason we do not use any animal fats, only vegetable oils to create a healthy and filling meal in itself.”

Unusual Pie: We want our meat to speak for itself. We use flavour combinations that enhance each other like venison and haggis, wild boar with leeks and tomato and rabbit with bacon and leek in a white wine sauce.

INTERVIEW: Rose Martin, Owner, The Wee Pie Company {Glencarse, Perth, Perthshire, Scotland}

01 What is the Wee Pie Company known for?
It’s high quality wild venison and wild game pies. We only use wild or not intensively farmed meats that are low in fat and high in protein. We make our own pastry in The Wee Pie Unit, we do not use any animal fats, only vegetable oils to create a healthy, filling meal in itself.

The Wee Pie Company Scotland

02 A good pie should have …… 
The right amount of meat & vegetables to gravy content, crisp pastry shell & a rich flaky puff pastry top – but first and foremost, the flavour should burst in your mouth with the first bite.

03 How many different types of pies do you make?
We have our traditional range of 10 pies all year round, however we introduce a summer pie (lamb mint  and feta) and a winter pie (venison curry). However, our regular customers are our drivers for introducing a new seasonal pies.

04 Where do you turn for inspiration when baking?
I have travelled extensively and have been fortunate enough to have cooked in many different countries, so I use inspiration from my travles. I am also inspired by what meat and vegetables are available at each particular time of year – we go with the natural breeding and seasons.

The Wee Pie Company Scotland
Photo Source: The Wee Pie Company

05 Do you entertain at home?
Yes, we have a traditional Burns Supper every year; so of course there is haggis and whisky served in the traditional Celtic Quaichs. We also have little furry haggises that sing Auld Lang Sine when you squeeze them – always good for a laugh at the end of the night.

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