Bonaverde All in one roaster
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Crowdfunding: The Bonaverde Machine

Issue 06

The Bonaverde Machine: 4+4 questions with Hans Stier, Co-Founder {Berlin}

Bonaverde All in one roaster

01 Why is there a need for a vertically integrated coffee machine?
Coffee has experienced three waves and we are about to set a fourth: real direct trade. We want to empower farmers to sell directly to consumers and cut out the intermediates. We are providing the consumer with an all-in-one device that can roast, grind and brew fresh coffee on the spot-a one button operation.

02 Why did you become interested in solving this problem?
I am a big coffee drinker and wanted to dig into the problem of why your stomach hurts when you consume large quantities of coffee. I discovered the reason is freshness and the amount of time between roasting and consuming of coffee. Freshly roasted coffee beans are pressurized by C02 gas, which slowly releases from the bean. As the gas leaves, oils release to the bean surface. The longer the time between roasting beans and drinking coffee the more time the oil has to turn rancid. A company may let roasted beans sit six months. If you drink close to 15 cups a day, that is a lot of rancid coffee bean oil potentially hurting your stomach.

03 How does the Bonaverde work?
It is kid-easy: Place the green beans in the top part of the machine, chose a roasting profile based on our recommendations that consider the beans you purchased, and press start. In the time it takes to make a standard filter coffee, you get a freshly roasted and brewed cup of the best coffee you ever had.

04 What stage of production is the Bonaverde?
We are at the dry beginning of our serial production. Bonaverde has gone through two years of excessive trial and error with over 15,000 consumers. Having built, distributed and maintained 135 prototypes, we are now close to getting the machine produced. Over the next six months we will ship the first beta tester machines to our Kickstarter backers who signed up for one. In October 2014 we will ship our first serial lot.

Bonaverde Coffee Machine
Photo Source: Bonaverde

05 Where will the Bonaverde be manufactured?
We have partnered with a European manufacturer that helps getting our German engineering and Korean technician to serial mass production. We really want this machine to be state of the art drip coffee appliance.

06 Where is your favourite place for coffee in Berlin? 
There are so many grey places for coffee in Berlin it’s crazy. I love these little living-room like designed and furnished shops where they roast your coffee and offer direct dripping for the customers. Some of them even have my favorite beans from Nicaragua. Our partner-farmer, Henry, is very well sold to specialty coffee shops in the US & Europe. The greatest thing about working in the coffee industry, you get to taste the best coffees.

07 What is next for you/Bonaverde?
Serial production, community building, platform setup and global expansion. No less would do.

08 Who makes up the members of the Bonaverde team?
We have all necessary expertise and skills onboard. There is engineering and electro-technics, logistics and sourcing power, community and social media happiness. We got all we need but are always keen to meet great new people!

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