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Sustainability, textile design and Kajsa Rolfsson

One of the beauties of graduating from school is figuring out what comes next.  For textile designer, Kajsa Rolfsson, it means experimenting and applying her floral designs to a whole host of different products. Originally from the small southern town of Kristianstad, in Sweden, Kajsa returned home after graduation to launch her design business and see where her creative skills take her. As a kid, Kajsa spent time drawing, knitting and crocheting but the opportunity to design a few clothing items for her mom’s company that empowered the 19 year old with the “guts” to start thinking about a career in design.

Kajsa Rolfsson

Kajsa’s interest in sustainability led her to study design at Linnaeus University, a relatively new and innovative school that even has a center that researches sustainable ageing. Interestingly, for her thesis, Kajsa developed two floral patterns designed for hospital bed curtains.  Her intention was to create a safer and more comfortable environment for patients.  “Nature has a healing effect on us and I wanted to transfer that healing and calming effect in my patterns” says Rolfsson. “In some respects, nature can be scary for a lot of people so I was inspired by the flowers we find I our own gardens when I designed the hospital curtains.”

Following graduation, Kajsa exhibited her hospital bed curtains at FORMEX, a well known  home design fair in Stockholm.  “I was admitted to Formex and decided to add a series of trays applying the same textile patterns I designed for the curtains. I wanted to enhance the summer feeling that existed in my textile patterns on an additional product and for me, trays remind me of summer!”

INTERVIEW: Kajsa Rolfsson, Textile Designer {Kristianstad}

01 What is the connection between trays and summertime? 
When I think of trays, I think of trays filled with buns and lemonade outside in the garden. I produced both big round trays that can be used as a table and small round ones, rectangular that you can use as plats and coasters to protect your table and to make it more fun.

Kajsa Rolfsson

02 How would you describe the aesthetic of your designs?
It’s always hard to describe your own work, but I’ve been told that I have a strong, clear and bold aesthetic.

03 What are you working on next?
Right now I’m learning how to sew, create and design clothes. Besides that, I hope to create more fun and stunning patterns. It would also be fun to open up my own print studio and offer courses on printing on textiles.

Kajsa Rolfsson bed curtain thesis

04 What inspires you as a textile designer? 
Everything! Online, I look mostly to blogs, Pinterest and Behance, I also find inspiration in books, music, movies and friends. I believe that inspiration comes from where you least expect it, and that you really have to work for it. But one of my favourite sources of inspiration, where I also find calm after a stressful day, is to be in nature together with my horse.

05 What does your design process involve? 
When I start my design process, I like to look at a lot of pictures. It can be pictures of patterns that I like or pictures of what I am going to draw. I will collect images and put them into mood boards. After that I begin to sketch, first on paper only. When I have figured out more about my design, I continue the sketch on my computer. I think it’s easier to create and sketch repetitive patterns online. It’s faster, and more efficient.

Kajsa Rolfsson

Kajsa Rolfsson2

Kajsa Rolfsson design

06 Can there ever be too much colour or too many patterns on a table?
No, not as long as you think they are beautiful. Patterns and colours make us happy!

Photo Source: Fredrik Bengtsson

07 Where is your work sold?
My designs will among others be sold at my own web shop in about eight weeks.

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