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Book: Little and Friday Celebrations

Issue 06

Book: Little and Friday Celebrations

Kim Evans started Little and Friday out of a small storefront on a sleepy suburban street in Auckland, New Zealand. Today it has become a venerable destination for classic Kiwi sweet and savoury pastries. As Kim says, “every Kiwi is a sucker for a cream doughnut.”

Little and Friday Celebrations Book Penguin Publishing

Little and Friday Auckland, NZ

When she started five years ago, Kim sold her baked goods from a small, vacant butcher shop and was open only on Fridays, hence the name Little and Friday. As demand for her old-fashioned cream and jam doughnuts grew, so did her business. The quiet neighbourhood has since evolved into a bustling community, with Little and Friday taking over an entire block of shops.

Little and Friday Auckland, NZ

Kim recently published her second cookbook, Little and Friday Celebrations. “In our first book, Treats from Little and Friday, we shared all the recipes from our counter for our cakes, pastries, tarts, biscuits, and slices.” Her latest book, Celebrations, devotes each chapter to a different type of gathering. Some are simple, like a picnic or movie night in the backyard, while others are more extravagant, such as a wedding. Ranging from quick and easy to complex and sumptuous, they all promise a memorable experience for guests.


INTERVIEW: Kim Evans, Little & Friday, Auckland, New Zealand

01 What prompted you to launch Little and Friday?
Well, I’m actually trained as an artist, but as any one who has been through art school will tell you, it’s a tough way to make a living. I learnt to bake from my mother, who was a home economics teacher, and all through my life I have fallen back on it in hard times. I always loved how happy food made people, & the way it brought people together. 5 years ago I was a solo mother baking at home and selling at the local markets, and now we have taken over the entire block of shops, have three outlets and two cookbooks !

Little and Friday Auckland, NZ

02 What is Little and Friday known for?
Our real, old fashioned cream & jam donuts.

03 What is your food philosophy?
Food should be fresh, using real & ethical ingredients. At the end of the day, food should make you happy. Eat with gratitude & you will never get fat !

04 Do you bake or serve any items that are particularly local or culturally tied to NZ?
Most of our food is classic New Zealand baking, but in particular our meat pies & cream donuts. Every Kiwi is a sucker for a cream donut.

05 How often does your menu change?
We stick with the seasons so we change our menu depending on the quality of the produce. At the moment we are introducing lots of yummy things from our new books onto the counter.

Little and Friday Auckland, NZ

06 What has been your biggest success since you started Little and Friday?
The entire experience has been incredible. One thing that really stands out, was when we got a call telling us that our cream donuts made a 90year old man cry from nostalgia! Apparently they made his whole childhood rush back. I don’t think I will ever forget that.

07 Do you entertain at home? 
I work seven days a week, so I very rarely feel like cooking at home these days ! We eat out a lot.

Little and Friday Auckland, NZ
Photo Source: Holly Houston and Tamara West

08 What is next for Little and Friday
At the moment we are busy developing our back garden. We provide our own herbs, edible flowers & some of our own veges. We just got chickens and a goat this week !

09 Where do you turn for menu inspiration when you are cooking or baking?
Old recipe books, the garden & my absolute favourite thing in the world, Pinterest.

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