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A Twist on Traditional: Goat Pies

 Issue 06

As a staple food in Australian culture, meat pies are a way of life. “People of all walks of life indulge in meat pies as fuel for a hard day’s work, as part of a hearty family meal or as an essential part of any sporting event” shares Mick Hobson, the Brisbane chef and ‘Goat Pie Guy’. After a fun night of cooking goat meat for his father-in-law, Mick formalized his first pie recipe after the dinner and made plans to share his love of goat pies with the city.  “As a chef, I’m always looking for great food and new methods of preparation.

Boer goat is a very under-rated ingredient. What better way to showcase it than in a gourmet pie?” He sells his ever-evolving menu of internationally flavoured pies like the Himalayan Goat Pie made with Nepalese curry, ginger, tomatoes and spices, throughout Brisbane’s farmers’ markets and in selected cafes.

Goat Pie Guy

Unusual Pie?

The Jamaican Goat Pie is our most unusual. It is a spicy curry with coconut milk, allspice and finished with dried thyme. It is a favourite with foodies and chili lovers alike.

INTERVIEW: Mick Hobson, Owner, Goat Pie Guy {Brisbane, Australia}

01 How should your pies be served?
Pies are eaten on the spot at markets and events or taken home cold to serve as gourmet lunch and dinner feasts. Lots of people choose mash and peas as traditional accompaniments but favours like the Moroccan Goat Pie are delicious with sweet potato fries and saffron aioli. Beer is also favoured as the perfect Goat Pie partner!

Goat Pie Guy

Goat Pie Guy

02 Where do you turn for inspiration when baking?
Inspiration comes in all forms particularly foodie friends and family. New Goat Pie flavour testing always happens over an open fire camping in Queensland’s awe inspiring countryside.

Goat Pie Guy

03 Do you entertain at home? 
We entertain a lot at home and the kitchen is always filled with food conversation and laughter. The most amazing element of any gathering is not what’s on the table, it’s what’s on the chairs.

Goat Pie Guy
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