Tartes Kluger Paris
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Tartes Kluger

Issue 06

“A good tarte should have a crunchy crust and a well-seasoned, fresh filling” shares Catherine Kluger, the former lawyer and owner of Tartes Kluger in Paris.  Set in the trendy working-class neighbourhood of l’Onzieme (11e), Tartes Kluger serves tarts with a twist.

For example, Catherine’s Tarte Lorraine sees the addition of a grainy mustard and three types of ham on top of the traditional recipe of eggs, cream and bacon. “I used to make a lemony French endive and prawn tart” says Kluger about the unusual ingredient combinations she has tried since she opened her doors in the summer of 2009.

Tartes Kluger Paris

INTERVIEW: Catherine Kluger, Owner, Tartes Kluger {Paris}

01 What got you into the tart business in the first place? 
I am a former lawyer and it all started at diner with friends who told me I should be working in a field I am passionate about: food. I used to prepare tartes because it is fun, everyone liked them and they can be prepared in advance. My friend told me to launch a business of selling tarts- In 2009, I did!

02 Tart versus quiche? What is the difference?
I call my savory tarts “tartes” because I put a lot a filling (vegetables, meat; fish, fresh herbs) and not so much “apparel à quiche” but you could call it “quiche”

Tartes Kluger Paris

03  A good tart should have …… 
A crunchy crust and a well seasoned and fresh filling

Tartes Kluger Paris

04 How often does your menu change?
We are following the seasons- so no cherries or strawberries in the winter and no pumpkins during summer. Our menu changes at least four times a year.

Tartes Kluger Paris
Photo Source: Mr. Olivier Malingue

05 Where are your tarts sold? 
In our shops, Rue Trousseau, at the BHV Marais Departmental store,  in Clignancourt flea market and our food truck. But we are also sold in selected restaurants such as Colette.

06 How are the tarts customarily served?  
We are serve our savory tarts with salad or soup and serve the sweet ones sometimes with cream or ice cream. We are also pair with our home made drinks such as our fresh ginger lemon or sage and honey tea.

Tartes Kluger Paris
Photo Source: Mr Christian Larit

07  Do you entertain at home?
Of course I cook a lot at home for my family and my friends. Aside from tarts, I cook mostly cereals and vegetable always with fresh herbs and seeds.

One of my favorite things to make is the granola I eat every morning. It is made with something different every time. I use honey, chocolate, marmalade, apple syrup, maple syrup, seeds, almond, nuts, hazelnuts, cranberries and dried apricots. The granola is served in a mug along with my tea. Every time I travel, I buy mugs.

As a result I have many mugs and I just brought a couple from Seoul that are amazing.

You Say Tarte, I say Quiche- Recipes to Try:

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